Sensational, Picturesque, Vibrant - What More?  


Hello, my name is Vennise.

If there is one thing I am passionate about, its feeding people. I am the definition of the word Foodie!  In short I am Obsessed with Food!

Let me help you create sensational tastes & picturesque plates. 

When I am not dreaming up new and exciting dishes, I am a wife to an amazing man! Mamabear to my kids and Nana to my precious grandchildren. 

Vennise Hassen
Head Chef
pilaar 1.JPG

Hello, my name is Pilaar. 

You can't just eat good food, You have to talk about it too. I would like to think of myself as an Artisan.

I spend countless hours working on mesmerizing taste bud defining menu's, each bespoke in their own right, crafted with love and overflowing passion.

When I am not designing, prepping and preparing your one of a kind dining experience, I spend time with family, friends and of course good food.


Pilaar Farrah
Sous Chef
nabilla 1.jpg

Hello, my name is Nabilla. 

From before I can remember I loved baking, crafting sweet eats that speak to your entire being. 

Some may say that I am the sugar fairy, some say that I am the epitome of death by chocolate. 

From Petit fours to delectable Key Lime pie's. I always say that my secret ingredient is Love. 

When I am not baking up a storm, I am an avid animal lover, permanently consumed by music and crafting the next best dessert. 

Nabilla Hassen
Chef de Patisserie

Hello, my name is Lorinda.

All my life I recall I had this immense passion for baking. I started out as a school teacher, my love for children and enriching their young tender minds grafted my skill of patience and practice makes perfect.

Two crucial elements for most brides is her Dress and her Dream Wedding cake!

I pride myself on perfection.

Not only are my creations simply beautiful they are Delicious!

When I am not baking up a storm, I spend much needed time with my loved ones.

Lorinda Botha

Hello, my name is Tasneem. 

For all your precise needs when it comes to the Catering management and co-ordination of your special day, you will find me at the forefront of your catering. There is no detail to small

From your Canapes to the Champagne. My superpower is precision and attention to detail. 

When I am not finalizing your catering needs, I am a formidable puzzle builder and mom to my boy genius.

Food & Beverage Manager

Hello, my name is Gerty.

A soft spoken, outdoor and adventure lover as well as a photographer who’s obsessed with capturing moments.

I believe that photographs are a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone. I didn't choose photography, photography chose me. 

When I'm not holding my camera, I'm a wife to an incredible man, totally family  orientated & spontaneous.

Gerty Ashton
Wedding Photographer

Hello, my name is Domenique. 

Looking through the lens of my camera immediately transports me to an alternate dimension. Being able to capture timeless moments, priceless smiles, and the ever glow of love. 

Photographing the essence of countless individuals is such a privilege. 

When I'm not caught up behind my camera lens, I'm a lover of all things nature and animals. My favourite in past time is spending countless hours with my special person.

Domenique Nolte
Wedding Photographer
Kelly 1.JPG

Hello, my name is Kelly.

There's nothing quite like freshly washed hair, soft loose curls, low & highlights that frame and accentuate a woman's face. 

Beautiful hair is a necessity. It completes us as woman. 

This is my creative space! 

I've had the pleasure of being part of the Mrs. South Africa 2017 hair team. 

When I'm not crafting a bridal beauty's vision for her special day - I am a home-body and spending lazy days with my Fur-Babies and my amazing Fiance.

Kelly Faure
Head Stylist
Claude-Ann 1.jpg

Hello, my name is Claude-Ann. 

Just as the Sistine Chapel had Michelangelo, You, have me. 

Make-up Artistry is a true form of creative expression, inspired by decades of trends - from the flick of my brush, the hues of my colour palette and the vibrant rouges of lipstick. 

I can't wait to accentuate your natural beauty. 

When I am not spending my day with a client in my chair, I go home to a wonderful, loving man and our beautiful child. 

Claude-Ann Oliphant
Head MUA